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Valletta FC Holdings

Valletta FC Holdings

Alexander Fenech and Victor Sciriha return at the helm of Valletta Football Club after a strong members vote.
Valletta Football Club will head into a new era yesterday evening our club members approved with a strong majority a motion that would see our club being financed by a newly-formed company that will be chaired by our former club president Victor Sciriha.

Alexander Fenech will return to the helm of the club as president.

Speaking during a well-attended Extraordinary General Meeting, President Fenech explained to the club members the new strategy the club was proposing to its members.

Valletta FC will remain as a voluntary organisation, however, a company, named Valletta FC Holdings Ltd, will be formed by a number of investors that will absorb the financial expenditure of the club and at the same time lead the capital side to a stronger and more sustainable financial future.

Valletta FC Holdings

The motion was put forward by former president Victor Scriha and Alexander Fenech and received a strong backing from the present members, with only two votes against and nine abstentions.
At the beginning of the EGM, it was also announced that vice-president Paul Spiteri, who had been part of the Valletta FC committee for the past 42 years, announced his resignation.

Valletta FC Holdings

Paul Spiteri had been working with our club since season 1979-80 and during the past weeks he had taken charge of the club in a bid to solve the administrative turmoil that had been created following the sudden departure of president Fenech.

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