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Supporters Club

Valletta Supporters ClubThe Valletta FC Supporters Club is what it is to day, thanks to the first pioneers that from nothing had to start collecting funds and held lot of activities to keep our supporters happy.

These are some of the things that the first Supporters Club had accomplished during their period:

Upgrading of Salinos Ground from an abonded place and renovating to the use for our players.

Removing out tones of rubbish from the hall (now the bar) and open a bar so that fund rising can be generated and at the same time young players can have something more decent.

Making hundreds of sets consisting of 1 flag, 1 shirt, 1 hat, 1 scarf all packed in one plastic bag; these were sold out in a few days.

Awarding the player of the month with a silver token and a organizing a reception to all Players at every end of the month.

Organizing a big Christmas party for all Valletta born children free of charge. Every year.
Passing all funds generated from activities to Valletta FC.

Issuing a magazine every month and end of year.

Decorate Republic Street with big stars representing all players that took part in the League Championship.

Started educating all supporters regarding Valletta heritage by means of issuing a monthly magazine that covered all the places of interest in the capital city.

Introducing for the first time the Brass Band at the National Stadium during matches.

Valletta FC can surely boast to have one of the best and most organised supporters’ club on the island.

(Thanks to Vince Buhagiar – First Valletta Supporters Club President for supplying us with this information)

The first Valletta FC Supporters Club committee consisted of:

Season 1989/90 Committee

Mr. Joe Caruana Curran (Honourable President), Vince Buhagiar (President), Duminku Grima (Vice President), Willy Apap (Gen. Secretary), Vince Pace (Ass. Secretary), Treasurer (Lino Bartolo), Charles Curmi, Paul Camilleri (PROs), Spiritual Director (Rev. Patri Vincenz Portelli), John Chircop, Peter Spiteri, Johnny Briffa, Joe Catania (Members).

Season 2000-01

Season 2000/2001 was surely the most successful year for the Valletta FC Supporters’ Club. New members joined the committee at the beginning of the season to give a fresh boost of new ideas, specifically for fund raising as well as giving a greater importance to the marketing aspect. Committee meetings were held on Tuesdays at the club premises.

The new committee embarked on a new project of introducing various memorabilia, depicting the Valletta FC emblem. Such project was a first for Maltese football, with various different merchandise being introduced, rather than only the usual traditional club pins and banners.

Valletta Supporters ClubThe introduction of Valletta memorabilia, were an instant hit with the supporters, and new stocks had to be ordered frequently with demand exceeding expectations. Memorabilia varied from flags to biros, keychains, watches, mugs, mirrors, mascots, T-shirts and several other goods. The Souvenirs’ Stand set up on matchdays, quickly became a synonymous aspect of the Valletta FC Supporters’ Club at the stadiums.

Another new activity during season 2000/2001, was the introduction of raffles at every match. Tickets were sold prior to kick-off, with the draw being held at half time. Prizes included portable radios, Valletta sweaters, photo-cameras, TV’s etc. This was another successful initiative taken, and the supporters’ participation in the raffle was surely a major boost for its success.

Throughout the season, the Valletta FC Supporters’ Club also took care of the decoration of the stadiums, with banners, streamers and flyers, as well as organising the brass band on matchdays.

Undoubtedly season 2000/2001, was very busy, to the Valletta Supporters’ Club, particularly due to the team’s success and consequently celebrations throughout the season.

Without any doubt, the work being done by the Supporters’ Club should be well appreciated, considering that this is being done on a voluntary basis. The supporters themselves should also be thanked for, as they are the ones that keep the Supporters’ Club alive, thanks to their participation in activities and fund raisings organised.

Each season the Valletta F.C. Supporters’ Club issues the Valletta F.C. Calendar. The Calendar contains images of the current squad and also images from past squads. In 2007 the Valletta F.C. Supporters’ Club, in conjunction with Maltapost issued a personalised stamp commemorating the Centenary Cup.

Valletta Supporters Club

Valletta Supporters Club Valletta Supporters Club






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The Valletta Supporters Club has been an unwavering pillar of support for their beloved football team, Valletta FC. From the very beginning, this passionate group of fans demonstrated their dedication not only through their fervent cheers at matches but also by taking an active role in the club’s digital presence. The Valletta Supporters Club has been a proud sponsor of the team’s official website from day one (2002), ensuring that fans worldwide stay connected with the latest news, updates, and exclusive content, further cementing their status as true champions of their beloved club.