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Our Next Game

Valletta FC

Tony Bezzina Stadium

24 September 2023
at 6:00 pm



Valletta FC bears its triumphs to its fantastic supporters but also to its presidents past and present. Since 1943 to date, Valletta FC has been led by great men, whose passion for football has led Valletta FC to be what it is today – a truly successful story.

Alexander Fenech Alexander Fenech 2021 to present

Victor Sciriha Victor Sciriha 2007 to 2021

Charles Camilleri Charles Camilleri 2003 to 2007

Joe Caruna Curran Joe Caruana Curran 1987 to 2003

Dr Emanuel Bonnici Dr Emanuel Bonnici 1986 to 1987

Joseph Salinos Joseph Salinos 1979 to 1986

Paul Azzopardi Paul Azzopardi 1976 to 1979

Dr Patrick Vella Dr Patrick Vella 1970 to 1976

Robert Borg Olivier Robert Borg Olivier 1969 to 1970

Joseph Salinos Joseph Salinos 1968 to 1969

Emanuel Calleja Emanuel M. Calleja 1967 to 1968

Robert Borg Olivier Robert Borg Olivier 1966 to 1967

Anthony Micallef Anthony Micallef 1965 to 1966

Robert Borg Olivier Robert Borg Olivier 1953 to 1965

Dr Albert Hyzler Dr Albert Hyzler 1947 to 1953

Joseph Muscat Joseph Muscat 1943 to 1947