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Valletta FC

Tony Bezzina Stadium

24 September 2023
at 6:00 pm


The Valletta FC Badge

Valletta F.C. possess a beautiful badge, taken from the same emblem of Grand Master Jean de La Vallette. The Capital City was named after this mentioned Gran Master.

The Badge consists of an emblem with a deep red background, a golden lion in the middle, with Valletta FC written in the background in the shape of “V”, according to the history of Malta, this is the symbolic weapon of the City.

The lion is a symbol of the City of Valletta. In the past the Valletta F.C. had another badge, a form of a heart, with a white background and a black stripe that had Valletta F.C. written on top.

Valletta FC Badge Valletta FC BadgeValletta FC BadgeValletta FC Badge