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MFA Footballer of the Year

MFA Footballer of the Year

The MFA Player of the Year Award is an annual award given to the player who is adjudged to have been the best of the year in Maltese football. The award has been presented since the 1954–55 season and the winner is chosen by a vote amongst the members of the players’ trade union, the Professional Footballers’ Association (MFA).

The first winner of the award was Floriana player Lolly Debattista. Gilbert Agius has won the award on three occasions while Joe Cilia, Nicky Saliba, and Roderick Briffa won this honour twice.

Steve Borg Roderick Briffa
Steve Borg 2019/20 Roderick Briffa 2015/16
Ryan Fenech Roderick Briffa
Ryan Fenech 2013/14 Roderick Briffa 2010/11
Gilbert Agius Gilbert Agius
Gilbert Agius 2006/07 Gilbert Agius 2000/01
Nicky Saliba Gilbert Agius
Nicky Saliba 1998/99 Gilbert Agius 1996/97
Nicky Saliba_1991_92 Leonard Farrugia
Nicky Saliba 1991/92 Leonard Farrugia 1984/85
Eddie Vella Alfred Debono
Eddie Vella 1974/75 Alfred Debono 1967/68
Joe Cilia Edwin Schembri
Joe Cilia 1963/64 Edwin Schembri 1962/63
Joe Zammit Joe Cilia
Joe Zammit 1960/61 Joe Cilia 1957/58