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Matchday 01: Valletta 2 Sirens 0

Valletta vs Sirens

With a goal in each half, Valletta claimed their first three points as they defeated Sirens 2-0 at the Tony Bezzina Stadium on Sunday.

Valletta controlled the match from the start and there was never any doubt where the final victory would go.

In the first half hour of play, we had little or no dangerous actions towards the opposing posts except for a shot by Nicolas Pulis for Sirens which found goalkeeper Jake Galea who was saved the ball to meet for the corner.

In the 38th minute, a shot from outside the box by Kwasi Donsu ended up wide for Sirens.

Despite everything, it was Valletta who opened the scoring, following a quick counterattack with Shaun Dimech who accurately passed Federico Falcone who beat Andrea Cassar with a low shot in the corner.

1-0 and that’s how the first half ended.

Just as the second half began, an action by the Valletta defender Enzo Ruiz ended with the ball going out.

Valletta doubled the score in the 53rd minute when Victor Luiz’s shot was deflected by defender Mor Mukhtar, the ball tricked goalkeeper Andrea Cassar.

In the 61st minute, Sirens tried their luck with a shot by Bismark Asare with Jake Galea making a good save.

Three minutes from the end of the match, it was goalkeeper Andrea Cassar who distinguished himself with two saves, the first after a shot by Luiz then from the following, he leaned over the bar to save Federico Falcone.

At the 90th minute, a shot from outside the box by Santiago Ferraris for Valletta went wide.

VALLETTA: J. Galea, E. Ruiz (C. Gauci), O. Barrientos, A. Ferraris, S. Dimech (A. Silas), L. Susnjara (B. Paiber), F. Falcone, R. Muscat, L. Prestes Filho, F. Vega (D. Nogueira), N. Micallef.
SIRENS: A. Cassar, T. Almeida, N. Pulis, J. Perea Hinestroza (J. Borg), D. Opuku, C. Agyemang (O. Owusu), H. Akadom (F. Boateng), A. Cini, B. Asare (D. Jackson), K. Donsu, M. Moro (S. Borg).
Referee: A. Johnson
Scorers: 44′ F. Falcone (V), 58′ M. Moro (og).
Yellow Cards: C. Agyemang, P. Owusu (S)
Man of the Match: S. Dimech (V)

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