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Reginald Cini

Reginal Cini

Reginal CiniReginald Cini a product of the Valletta F.C. Youth Nursery, born in the capital City on October 22, 1970.  Cini made his debut with the senior Squad in season 1987/88. In season 1988/89 Cini suffered only nine goals during the Premier League while in season 1989/90 he only suffered six goals.

At the early age of 19, Reggie won the Premier League with Valletta F.C. in season 1989/90.

Throughout his days with Valletta Reggie won several major honours, including two clean sweeps of all honours with Valletta, i.e. the five cups (League, Trophy, Lowenbrau, Super 5, and Super Cup) in season 1996/1997 and the six cups in season 2000/2001 (League, Trophy, Centenary Cup, Lowenbrau, Super 5 and Super Cup).

In the summer 2001, Reginald Cini joined Sliema Wanderers. He left the Blues and joined Marsaxlokk F.C. in season 2002/03. At the end of season 2003 Reggie ended his football career.




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