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Joseph Salinos

Joseph Salinos‘Chief’, as he was affectionately known had the magic quality-the principles of good sportsmanship, club spirit, discipline, and a constant search to provide the very best for Valletta FC.

He had the magic quality-the ability to improvise in difficult situations. To achieve his aim, Salinos made many personal sacrifices. As a committee member for over 40 years, Joseph Salinos had proved his ability. He built up a ‘club atmosphere’ and was always at training sessions, in the dressing room with the players, and on the coaches’ bench.

At Valletta FC Joseph Salinos was completely accessible. Players came to him with their problems. Coaches turned to him for advice and members of the board, admired his honesty and determination, two vital factors in the make-up of top club management.

Salinos, was born in Valletta on October 10, 1915. He became associated with the City teams in the thirties. In 1935/36 Salinos and the late Manwel Calleja (another ex-president and secretary of Valletta FC) were colleagues in the committee of the all-conquering Valletta Prestons team.

When Valletta FC were officially formed on September 27, 1945, Manwel Calleja and Joseph Salinos were prominent members in the Committee. It was the start of a long association with the club.

Throughout the 43 years as a member committee, ‘Chief’ Salinos occupied the post of member, club director, assistant treasurer, assistant secretary, vice-president and president.

In recognition of the sterling service which Salinos rendered to Valletta FC, the city training ground outside City Gate, was named “Salinos Ground”.

Few can rival the impressive list of achievements of Valletta FC under the guiding hand of Joseph ‘Chief’, Salinos. In terms of trophies, he won the League Championship (10 times), the FA Trophy (5 times), the Cassar Cup (4 times), the Scicluna Cup, Independence Cup, Sons of Malta Cup (twice) and the Malta Cup and Testaferrata Cup (once).

In the minds of soccer enthusiasts, Joseph ‘Chief’ Salinos was inseparable from Valletta FC. Yet others will have to follow, but Jospeph Chief Salinos will always keep his special place in the memories of all who knew him.

Joseph Salinos