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When the Floodlights fade featuring Jordi Cruff

When the floodlights fade featuring Jordi Cruyff

Jordi Cruyff’s tenure at Valletta Football Club marked a distinctive chapter in the team’s history. With a notable football pedigree as the son of the legendary Johan Cruyff, Jordi brought a unique blend of experience and skill to the Maltese football landscape. Positioned in the midfield, his on-field vision and technical finesse significantly elevated the team’s overall gameplay. Jordi’s time with Valletta was defined by memorable goals and strategic playmaking, earning him admiration from both fans and teammates.

His impact extended beyond individual brilliance, playing a pivotal role in guiding Valletta to notable successes in domestic competitions, including winning the National League 100 Anniversary Cup and The FA Trophy. Making a total of 16 appearances for the club and scoring 10 goals, Jordi’s relatively short stay left an enduring imprint on the club, contributing to its legacy and leaving fans with cherished memories of a football maestro who graced the Maltese Premier League with his exceptional talent.

“When the Floodlights Fade,” a documentary featuring Jordi Cruyff filmed in Malta in June 2010, provides a vivid portrayal of a footballing journey that transcends the glamour of the pitch. The film captures the intimate moments of Cruyff’s experience with Valletta Football Club, offering insights into the highs and lows of his tenure. From the electric atmosphere of the games to the quieter moments behind the scenes, the documentary offers a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs faced by Cruyff as he navigated the distinct landscape of Maltese football.

It goes beyond a mere documentation of matches played and goals scored, evolving into a narrative that reflects on the cultural exchange and personal growth that occurs when a renowned football figure immerses himself in a new footballing environment. The documentary features Jordi Cruyff, local interviews, and the build-up to the National League 100 Anniversary Cup played in April 2010.

“When the Floodlights Fade” stands as a testament to the enduring impact that a player like Jordi Cruyff can have on a club like Valletta Football Club, transcending the transient nature of victories and defeats to reveal the lasting connections forged through the beautiful game.

In the final analysis, despite facing physical challenges, Jordi has forged an illustrious career. He proudly represented the Dutch National team and graced renowned clubs such as Ajax, Barcelona, Manchester United, Alaves, Espanyol, and FC Metalurh Donetskin in Ukraine. Ultimately, he concluded his active football journey in Malta with Valletta FC.

We extend our gratitude to Jordi for his contributions as a player, pay homage to his leadership during his tenure with Valletta FC, and pledge to uphold the legacy for Jordi, the devoted Valletta supporter. Our commitment is unwavering as we strive to bring continued success to the cherished Valletta FC jersey he once wore with pride.

Special acknowledgments are also due to Mr. Scott Martin at MUTV and Mr. Joe Tedesco, President of the Manchester United Supporters Club Malta, for facilitating this feature for Valletta

Let’s embark on this journey together and relish the shared experience.

Andrew Grima
Valletta FC Webmaster