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Partnership between Valletta Local Council and Valletta FC

Partneship Valletta Local Council & Valletta FC

It was announced earlier today that the Valletta Local Council has entered into a partnership with Valletta FC to start a project that will see the St John’s Ditch area rehabilitated and transformed into an organized car park. After several meetings with the Minister for Local Government José Herrera, this project, which was a dream for both the council and the club, will be made possible.

It was explained that in the beginning the parking lot will be on one level until the exploration of the possibility of making another layer that can accommodate more cars. Another phase of the project will be to have an escalator that will take people from the car park directly to City Centre exactly in South Street.

“This is a historic day for Valletta as a dream that began nine years ago will come true.

This whole area has been donated to the City Council by the Lands Authority, with the main idea of ​​this project is to give the City Local Council more fiscal autonomy and on the other hand the football club will have an important source of funding, “said Minister Jose Herrera.

Valletta Mayor Alfred Zammit said the idea for the project was born in 2013 when Minister Herrera became Parliamentary Secretary in charge of Local Government.

Partneship Valletta Local Council & Valletta FC

He thanked the Minister for believing that local councils should be self-sufficient.

He added that through this project and partnership the area will be upgraded as well as working to connect the center of Valletta with the car park.

Valletta FC president Alexander Fenech reiterated that this is an important milestone for both the Football Club and the Local Council.

He said that through this project the Club together with the Local Council will be embellishing the area as well as in the coming years will improve the accessibility to the center of Valletta through an escalator, while increasing the revenue for both the club and also the local council.