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We deserve to be Champions – Jesmond Zerafa

vs Hibs_press conference

After the final game of the BOV premier league, Coach Jesmond Zerafa, Captain Gilbert Agius and Vice President Paul Spiteri gave their comments about the 90minute game against Hibs and the overall performance during this year’s BOV Premier League.

Coach Jesmond zerafa started by thanking all the staff who worked hard this season within the club. Boldly he stressed the point that Valletta were the best team this season. It wasn’t easy where everyone saw Hibernians fighting till the end.”Although in some matches we were not at the top form, we deserve to be champions. The Valletta players were being criticized a lot of times on their performances but afterall we showed a great team and from the start we worked hard and concentrated on winning the 21st title”.

When asked about the last performance against Hibs, Zerafa said that in today’s game the celebration events may lost the concentration on the team. However the team had a lot of chances missed especially chances that could easily changed the result of the game. I am sure that every player on the field gave his best and afterall, I am not disappointed with the team’s performance.

vs Hibs_press conference

Captain Gilbert Agius was asked if this was his last match in his career after he was seen emotional when substitued by striker Terrence Scerri. Agius said that till now he didn’t discussed his future although his age might push him to an end. Gilbert will decide his future in the coming weeks as his contract ends after the U*Bet F.A. trophy. As the journalists mentioned in this press conference, Gilbert is still vital to the club and for sure one of the best players in the squad. When asked about the team’s performance, Agius said that in this year’s squad we played as a team and we got what we wanted from the beginning, that is to win the 21st championship.

Gilbert concluded by thanking every player who played with him in his career especially his family for their support.

After the intervention of the city captain, vice president Paul Spiteri gave his comments about what the crowd saw after the game where a small number of City supporters jumped over the glass walls and went in front of the Hibs ultras.
“In my opinion the hibernians supporters today showed up only to provoke the city fans and that’s what they did. They were trying to frustrate our supporters by using the Valletta flag to offend our fans. I’m absolutely disgusted with this kind of behaviour and I urge all our fans to keep calm and tonight let’s enjoy our unique celebrations”

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