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One-On-One: Victor Sciriha

Victor Sciriha

Your questions answered by….

Interview Joe Attard, Portraits Andrew Grima, Dino Demicoli.

What made you enter into the Maltese Football Scene and how did you become Valletta FC President after an 8/9 year spell with Marsaxlokk FC?
Actually my entry into the local football scene happened quite by chance, so I suppose it was destined to happen. At Marsaxlokk I was invited to a social activity and to my great surprise I found myself President of their football club! During my spell at Marsaxlokk FC, it had always been my intention to move on to new challenges once I achieved my ambition of winning the Premiership title with them. Ever since my youth days, most of my friends were from Valletta and therefore as soon as my goal with Marsaxlokk FC was accomplished, moving to Valletta FC as their President seemed the most natural thing to do.

Do you ever regret your decision in becoming President of such a coveted club i.e. having to handle so much pressure?
Clint Taliana St.Venera
It’s a great honour for me to be President of Valletta FC and I hope to continue as President of this great Club for many years to come. The intense passion for the game of football and in particular for the Valletta squad within the city has always been one of the most important factors in the club’s success. This continues to motivate me immensely and I fully intend to keep on that success for the sake of our loyal supporters.

Any news about Valletta FC Mobile?
John Vassallo Qormi
The latest news I have from my colleagues David Xuereb and Ricky Reeves who are coordinating this new venture for us with Aspider Solutions is that testing has been successful and by mid November will be ready to launch Valletta FC Mobile powered by YOM. More details will be issued on this website in due course.

Fact File Victor Sciriha

Is Michael Mifsud or any other top goal scorer still in your plans as, looking back on our last three Premier matches, it does seem that we lack a top quality goal scorer, which is proven costly to our team?
Joe Vassallo Zabbar
I totally disagree with you in not having a top quality goal scorer as in Terrence we definetly have that player. In fact, Terrence grabbed the headlines twice in our last three Premier league outings. As regards Michael, recently we did meet and I believed we offered him a good package, but as things stand, Michael is awaiting news from an overseas club. I am convinced that if Michael does not go abroad, he will sign for Valletta, but if Michael does go abroad, then we wish him the best of luck with his new club.

What are your expectations from every player who wears the famous Valletta shirt?
Horace Portelli Valletta
I believe that the White Shirt must be worn with pride and passion. I don’t have to motivate the players because each of them is responsible for the performance of the team.
I am responsible to pay their wages at the end of the month (which I do) and in return they have the responsibility to perform for the fans week in week out!

Don’t you think that your committee has a big format with a 13 member format?
Rodney Ciantar Naxxar
I totally believe that the more members I have on my committee (max 15) the more mixture of ideas we can discuss. Rest assured that all of my committee members have a very important role to play in the committee.

Don’t you think the time has come that Valletta FC open up a Club Museum on its Premises?
Franco Abela Birkirkara
This is a great idea, but it seems that in to-days world you don’t find that many Voluntary people to come forward and help the club. Case in point was our latest mobile advert were we asked for voluntary helpers. Until to-day only one person applied to help!
Hope to implement this idea when we have our new facilities.

Is the MFA going against EU Regulations by not letting teams bringing in more footballers from European Nations?
Jeremy Gingell Valletta
As the Regulations Regarding Players Registered with Member Clubs was emended last July, Clubs in the Premier division can field four (4) foreign players. Valletta having four non EU foreign players two (2) Brazilians & two (2) Nigerians cant have any other foreign players on their books, whist other teams who have only EU foreign players can have more then four (4) foreign EU Players on their books. These are the MFA regulations and we do approve of them.

Is there any news on the infamous B`kara vs Hibs match of last season were we saw one the largest farce in local Football?
Clive Bonavia Marsascala
This particular match is still being investigated by the Police. Why are the police so slow in their investigation I don’t know as I was summoned to give evidence a couple of months ago. All I hope is that justice will be done.

Any developments on the new Stadium at Hal Farrug Luqa? What is the possibility if works are at a standstill, with the help of other investors this would be built if possible at the Empire Stadium Gzira?
Guido. A. Biancardi Gzira
Empire Stadium is out of the question as it is privately owned. On our site at Hal Farrug all we are waiting is to sign the contract with Kunsill Malti ghall-Isport. The signing of the contract is imminent but one must keep in mind the bureaucratic procedures.

Is Steve Bezzina coming to Valletta or we lost another Tifel tal Belt (Homegrown player)?
Maria Buttigieg Hamrun
Steve Bezzina went on loan this year to Sliema and there is no intention of releasing Steve. On the tfal tal Belt issue, I personally would like to see more Valletta homegrown players making the first team as this would save the club thousands of Euros in transfer fees, but as things stand at the moment if we do play with homegrown players in the team we will be fighting for our survival in the relegation zone .This is not my policy, I am interested in one thing, success for the club. I want results to make Valletta Supporters happy. We are helping those homegrown players to make the grade as our technical team is picking up Youths to train regularly with the first team and I do hope in the near future we have another Gilbert Agius.

A section of Valletta supporters always accuse you that you want to get rid of it-Tfal tal Belt; Does this not hurt you when you personally forged out all the funds to change the playing surface of the Salinos as it was in a disastrous state? Also do these supporters know that if it was not for your intervention, with the help of other present committee members to-day Valletta FC would have been in Administration?
About this Tfal tal- Belt issue, I do hope that these same people who week in week out accuse me on this issue come and talk to me personally at the club to discuss this issue. I am always available to discuss this matter. About the Salinos playing surface, it’s true that I had to action the laying of the new surface as it was in a disastrous state, but it’s not my style to let the whole City know about this. I did this project for it-Tfal tal Belt. About the Admistration side, yes I believe that if it was not for my intervention, with a great helping hand from my Hon Treasurer Michael Palmier and other present committee members, yes to-day Valletta FC would have been in Administration.

Which player do you consider the best signing you ever made? Worst?
Jeanise Attard Attard
It’s not fair on the players to say who was my great and worst signing. I did valid signings for the team, and I must admit that not all of my signings turned out to be as successful as I would have liked.

You did the best start with Valletta FC by winning the Championship. What happened losing the title for the past two years by a single point on both occasions?
Anthony Zarb St. Julians
During my first year there was a lot of enthusiasm to win the League, and we won the League. On my second year I believe that we had the best team, but some dismal performances by certain players cost us the League, and on my third year which was last season NO COMMENT.

You’re an outspoken person. Do you think being an outspoken person, you do built a amount of pressure on the team , as every other team seem that their main objective is to beat Valletta at all cost?
Doddy Abela Gzira
Yes I admit I am an outspoken person that’s my character, everybody has weak points and I have weak points for sure, but nowadays with the help of Gillian my wife I am controlling myself. We made it a point that as from this season I don’t give any interviews to the media and hope not to hurt anyone’s feelings. As for every other team’s objective to beat Valletta at all cost, that has always been the case even before Victor Sciriha came to the Capital! So I appeal to my players, committee, and supporters that this year we all stand together. If we stand together we beat the rest!

Norman Darmanin Demajo, Dr. Joe Mifsud your views please?
Larissa Ciantar Attard
I am convinced that Dr. Joe Mifsud did so much good for Maltese Football, but lost contact with all Clubs which proved costly for him during last Presidential election. About Norman Darmanin Demajo I do hope that he don’t fall in the Politicians Trap, Promising and not Delivering, but being a Club man I am convinced that Norman would fulfill his promises.

During your youth did you practice any football?
Bianca Attard Ta` Xbiex
Yes I did use to play in the 1st and 2nd Division with Luqa St. Andrews and Ghaxaq . I also did represent Malta in the FISEC games. Due to an injury during my playing days I had to stop playing Football at an early age. Thank God I was playing in those days because if I had to be a Valletta player to-day I would surely have left Jamie Pace on the bench!

Victor Sciriha

What will the biggest change you would like to see in Valletta in the coming years?
Sandro Spiteri L-Iklin
As we all know we started the Semi Professional Scheme and in the coming years we do hope that we have our Stadium and Club built so we can work on a more professional scheme. My aim is to make the 3rd Round of a European Competition, which I do believe we can achieve being so close on two occasions.

You are not a great fan of the National Team. Why?
Maurice Busuttil Valletta
Yes it’s true; I am not a National Team follower. I have my own reservations on this matter. In fact the only time I go up to Ta`Qali it’s to go and watch my team play, but I always wish the boys good luck before they leave for an International match and fingers crossed on any injuries. During the International break I always watch Italy in action, and when I am not at the Stadium watching Valletta I watch my other favorite team Juventus.

Are you a bad loser?
Joe Cassar Marsa
Yes I am a very bad loser, and it hurts when we lose especially when I remember the pain our supporters feel after losing a match.

After a dismal performance by the team do you storm in the dressing room or have a one-on-one chat with the players / technical staff?
Greg Dawson Zabbar
It’s not my style to storm in the dressing room. I do make my intentions known to all but I do prefer to have a one-on-one meeting with all concerned. A game that means so much to me it’s the derby game against Floriana, this is the only game I storm in the dressing room to tell the players WIN IT FOR THE FANS!

We were told that you were a practical joker during your days. What’s the best prank you ever played?
Yes I did Pranks all my life, but one that was a bit above the law was during my University days when Prince Charles was in Malta and was due to unveil a commemorative plaque. On the eve of the Prince coming to the University we took the plaque of the wall and hid this plaque under some soil so when Prince Charles would come to unveil the plaque he would find an empty wall. I got caught for this prank and ended two days in the Police cell!

We ask you to Email your questions (as many as you like) to by not later then Wednesday 27th October. Please include Name, Town, membership no or id card if non member. Coming up our ex captain Louis Pace.