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Valletta FC Club Statement

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Club Statement

Valletta FC regrets to announce that despite the effort of officially communicating with the MFA our request for the consideration of the final and decisive match of the National Youth League between Valletta FC and Mosta FC. Has been rejected. This request stems from a scheduling conflict with a BOV Premier League Senior Match. Although the fixture for the National Youth League match had not yet been communicated, we felt it necessary to proactively address the potential clash.

Several players who have transitioned from playing with minors to securing spots in the first 11 of the seniors stand to benefit greatly from this opportunity, both for themselves and for the Club. Their hard work and dedication deserve recognition, and yet they are being denied the chance to participate with their team in the crucial final game of the National Youth League, which determines the league winners.

We, Valletta FC, have proposed alternative options such as scheduling the match after the conclusion of the BOV Premier League or considering a weekday fixture instead of a Monday (players are not allowed to play for 2 consecutive days after a seniors match) to accommodate both teams with their full squads available.

In light of these circumstances, we urge the MFA to prioritize the interests of both clubs, the players, and the integrity of the game by exercising common sense in scheduling the fixture. This approach would ensure fairness and uphold the spirit of sportsmanship that is fundamental to football.”