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Valletta FC

National Stadium

16 December 2023
at 4:15 pm



Valletta vs Santa Lucia

Matchday 01: Valletta 2 Santa Lucia 3

Sta Luċia belied their status to make the club’s first match in the premier league one to treasure. They have achieved arguably the biggest victory in their history when they handed their morequoted opponents a hard lesson of attacking football with a commanding win. It was a shock result, an early candidate for the...

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Valletta vs Astana

UEFA Europa League Valletta 0 Astana 4

Astana: N.Eric, A. Rukavina, S. Muzhikov (R. Janga), D. Rotariu, R. Sigurjonsson (Z. Tomasevic), M. Tomasov, I. Maeviski, L. Simunovic, E. Postnikov, R. Murtazayev, D. Shomk (A. Beysebekov) Valletta: Y. Cini; R. Camilleri, M. Piciollo (S. Dimech), J. Borg, E. Pena Beltre, J. Zerafa (E. Sala), D. Packar, R. Muscat, M. Fontanella, Y. Messias,...

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UEFA Europa League Astana 5 Valletta 1

Astana: Eric; Rukavina, D. Rotariu (R. Murtazayev), Sigurjonsson, Tomasov, Maevski (Y. Pertkush), Mubele (R. Janga), Simunovic, Logvinenko, Postnikov, Shomko. Valletta: H. Bonello; R. Camilleri, K. Nwoko (S. Dimech), S. Borg, E. Pena Beltre, J. Zerafa, Douglas (M. Piciollo), R. Muscat, M. Fontanella, Y. Messias, K. Tulimieri (N. Pulis) Scorers: 15' Y. Logvinenko, 8' 35'...

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Valletta vs Ferncvaros

Messias goal keeps Valletta hoping against Ferencvaros

FERENCVAROS: D. Dibusz; G. Lovrencsics, M. Blazic, L. Dvali, E. Civic, D. Ignatenko, I. Kharatin, O. Zubkov, M. Svarka (81 , T. Chol Nguen (66 L. Bole), D. Lanzafame (66 N. Signevich). VALLETTA: H. Bonello; J. Zerafa, J. Borg, S. Borg, E. Pena Beltre, N. Pulis (56 S. Dimech), R. Muscat, Douglas (70 Y....

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Valletta vs Ferencvaros

UEFA Champions League Valletta 1 Ferencvaros 1

VALLETTA: H. Bonello, R. Camilleri, S. Dimech (K. Nwoko), J. Borg, E. Pena Beltre, J. Zerafa, M. Fontanella, K. Tulimieri, M. Piciollo (R. Tonna), R. Muscat (A. Monticelli), Y. Messias. FERENCVAROS: D. Dibusz, D. Ihnatenko (D. Siger), G. Lovrencsics, D. Lanzafame (N. Sihnevich), O. Zubkov, I. Kharatin, E. Civic, M. Blazic, L. Dvali, M....

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Valletta vs F91 Dudelange

UEFA Champions League – Valletta 1 F91 Dudelange 1

VALLETTA: H. Bonello, S. Borg (J. Cruz Gill), R. Camilleri, K.Nwoko (S. Dimech), J. Borg, E. Pena Beltre, J. Zerafa, D. Packer, N. Pulis, M. Fontanrlla, K. Tulimieri (A. Monticelli) DUDELANGE: T. Kips; T. Schnell, M. Pokar, D. Sinani, D. Stolz, R. Delgado, M. Garos, M. Kirch, C. Lavie (B. Cabral Barbosa), M. Bouchouari,...

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Valletta vs F91 Dudelange

UEFA Champions League – F91 Dudelange 2 Valletta 2

Photo credits: Ben Majerus DUDELANGE: T. Kips; C. Stumpf, T. Schnell, R. Delgado, M. Bouchouari, D. Solz, M. Garos (C. Morren), S. Bougrine (D. Sinani), M. Pokar, B. Barbosa, A. Bettaieb (L. Pomponi) VALLETTA: H. Bonello; M. Fontanella, J. Borg, S. Malano (N. Pulis), K. Tulimieri (S. Dimech), D. Packar (A. Monticelli), S. Borg, R. Muscat, J. Zerafa, K. Nwoko, E....

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FA Trophy Valletta vs Balzan

FA Trophy – Balzan beat Valletta on penalties

Balzan won a historic first FA Trophy title when they edged past newly-crowned champions Valletta 5-4 on penalties after the thrilling final had ended in a 4-4 after extra-time. Balzan striker Alfred Effiong was the absolute protagonist as the Malta international scored all his team's goals before converted the decisive penalty in a tense...

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FA Trophy Valletta vs Gzira U

FA Trophy Valletta 2 Gzira U 0

A depleted Valletta who betrayed signs of tiredness and dug deep into their energy reserves to beat Gżira United 2-0 and book a place in next Saturday’s FA Trophy final against Balzan. Valletta’s superiority surfaced immediataly during the first half but they could only resolve the issue with two late goals. Eight minutes from...

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FA Trophy Valletta vs Hibernians

FA Trophy Valletta 3 Hibernians 2

Valletta came back from two goals down to beat ten-man Hibernians 3-2 after extra-time in the last quarter-final of the FA Trophy at the National Stadium on Wednesday. The Citizens therefore secure a place in the semi-finals where they will be facing Gzira United in the second semi-final on Sunday. Both sides had three...

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