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Joe Attard steps down from Valletta FC General Secretary

Joe Attard

Joe Attard, the General Secretary of Valletta FC, has announced his resignation effective July 5, 2024.

In a heartfelt letter, Attard expressed that the past month had been particularly challenging, adversely affecting his health.

Having dedicated 18 years to Valletta FC, he highlighted the pleasure and pride felt being part of such a remarkable football family, both at Valletta FC and at the Malta Football Association (MFA) level.

Attard reflected on the numerous accomplishments achieved during his tenure and conveyed confidence that the new committee would continue to build on these successes.

Committed to ensuring a smooth transition, Joe offered his assistance during the handover process.

Emphasizing his deep connection to the club, Attard remarked, “To be honest, you don’t really say goodbye to Valletta FC. It’s a stamp in your heart, Valletta never leaves you.”