Oscar Alonso

Name: Oscar
Surname: Alonso
Role: Physioterapist
Date of Birth: 7th June 1982
Nationality: Spain
Joined Valletta: July 2019

Oscar Alonso graduated as a physiotherapist from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 2007. 
He has also completed post-graduate education in conservative and invasive (Dry needling) physical therapy in myofascial pain syndrome, Pilates for physiotherapy, MSK diagnostic ultrasound, Percutaneous Electrolysis Intratissue (EPI®) and treatment of tendinopathy (McConnell).
He has gained clinical experience in various areas notably with elite athletes in Spain, France and Malta as well as professional football teams in the Spanish La Liga (Villarreal FC U21; 5 seasons) and Maltese Premier League (Floriana FC; 2 seasons).