Name: Claudio
Surname: Pani
Role: Midfielder
Date of Birth: 11th March 1986
Nationality: Italy
Previous Club: Campobasso Calcio

Claudio Pani was born on 11 March 1986 in Cagliari, Italy. The Italian midfielder started his football career in the Youth sector of Cagliari Football Club. From season 2004-2006, Claudio formed part of the Cagliari senior team. In 2004 Claudio formed part of the Italian U19 squad.

In 2006 Pani was on loan with Pistoiese, a football club based in Pistoia, Tuscany. He made 26 appearances with the club. During season 2007-2008, Claudio joined Modena on loan. The following season Claudio returned back with his initial club Cagliari but had few appearances for the club.

Season 2009-2011, Pani was on the books of Triestina, an Italian football club based in Trieste. In 2011 Claudio joined Lucchese on loan another Italian club based in Lucca.

Claudio joined Piacenza in season 2011-2012, he made 24 appearances for the club and scored two goals. The following season Pani joined Casale F.C., he left the club at the end of the season and joined Piacenza in 2013.

Season 2014-2015 Claudio joined Savona F.B.C. a club located in Savona, Liguria. He made a few appearances for the club before joining Campobasso F.C. He left the club at the end of the season after making 22 appearances  and joined Valletta F.C. in July 2015.